Welcome to IET Intranet

How to Login

  1. Use the Login Block availabe on the Right Side or http://intranet.ietlucknow.ac.in/user
  2. Enter your @ietlucknow.ac.in E-Mail Address as username eg: user@ietlucknow.ac.in (Use Full E-Mail Address)
  3. Enter your @ietlucknow.ac.in E-Mail Password (Password same as email password)
  4. For the First Login you will be redirected to a page to Enter your Name, Department, Complete the Form
  5. Now you can use the Intranet

Issue in Login : You will not be able to login if IMAP is disabled for your Email Account to enable IMAP use the following steps (not needed in major cases as its enabled by default)

  1. Login to Email
  2. Go to Setings > POP/IMAP Download > IMAP Access
  3. Click on Enable.
  4. You should now be able to login.

Note: In Case you do not have / misplaced E-Mail Password you can get the same reset by Contacting System Manager

Activities currently Possible on the Intranet

Whats more you will be awarded Points for Login, Contribution for Blog and for Participation in Forums, You can view your Points here and points for all here

You can participate in a disuccssion on what should be the features availabe on the Intranet by posting to this Forum.

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