Contractual Faculty

Name Department
PRERANA's picture Dr PRERANA Electronics Engineering
Abhishek's picture Mr Abhishek Shrivastav Electronics Engineering
ADARSH KUMAR's picture Er ADARSH KUMAR TIWARI Civil Engineering
ADEEB's picture Mr ADEEB AHMAD Electrical Engineering
AJIT's picture Er AJIT SHUKLA Computer Science and Engineering
Alok's picture Dr Alok Mishra Applied Sciences
Mr Alok Misra Computer Science and Engineering
ALOK KUMAR's picture Mr ALOK KUMAR JAIN Electronics Engineering
AMBUJ's picture Mr AMBUJ PANDEY Electrical Engineering
ANAND's picture Mr ANAND PATEL Civil Engineering
Anand's picture Mr Anand Singh Machenical Engineering
ANJALI's picture Er ANJALI RAI Civil Engineering
ANKITA's picture Ms ANKITA SHARMA Chemical Engineering
ANUARG's picture Mr ANUARG BAJPAI Civil Engineering
Dr Arpit Katiyar Applied Sciences
ASHISH KUMAR's picture Dr ASHISH KUMAR PANDEY Chemical Engineering
Dr Basudhrity Banerjee Chemical Engineering
Brajesh's picture Dr Brajesh Kumar Chemical Engineering
Mrs Deepa Verma Computer Science and Engineering
Mrs Deepali Avasthi Computer Science and Engineering
Dr desh deepak tewari Applied Sciences
DINESH KUMAR's picture Mr DINESH KUMAR TIWARI Electrical Engineering
DIVYANK's picture Mr DIVYANK SRIVASTAVA Electrical Engineering
Durga Wati's picture Dr Durga Wati Kushwaha Master of Business Administration
eram Computer Science and Engineering
HANS's picture Er HANS PAL Civil Engineering
Harshita's picture Er Harshita Tiwari Electronics Engineering
Ms JOLLY RASTOGI Administration
LAXMI KANT's picture Mr LAXMI KANT DWIVEDI Electronics Engineering
Mahima Shankar's picture Mr Mahima Shankar Pandey Computer Science and Engineering
Dr MANISH SHARMA Master of Business Administration
Miss MANISHA RAUTELA Electronics Engineering
Mudita's picture Ms Mudita Sharan Computer Science and Engineering
Nandita's picture Dr Nandita Dasgupta MTech Bio Technology
Dr Nicky Naincy Applied Sciences
NITIN VERMA Electronics Engineering
Om Prakash's picture Dr Om Prakash Yadav Electronics Engineering
Mr PANKAJ TIWARI Electrical Engineering
Mr Pankaj Singh Electronics Engineering
Pankaj's picture Mr Pankaj Kumar Computer Science and Engineering
Ms pooja gupta Electronics Engineering
Prabjot's picture Dr Prabjot Kaur Master of Business Administration
PRADEEP's picture Mr PRADEEP KUMAR VERMA Electronics Engineering
Prashant's picture Er Prashant Srivastava Civil Engineering
Prashant's picture Er Prashant Dubey Machenical Engineering
Pratibha's picture Ms Pratibha Pandey Computer Science and Engineering
Mr PRAYASS RAI Machenical Engineering
Miss Princy Mishra Applied Sciences
Dr Promila Bahadur Computer Science and Engineering
Rajesh's picture Er Rajesh Poola Electrical Engineering
Rakesh's picture Mr Rakesh Baghel Chemical Engineering
Mr RAKESH SHARMA Electrical Engineering
Ram's picture Dr Ram Shukla Master of Business Administration
RICHA's picture Ms RICHA PARIHAR Electronics Engineering
Er Richa Pathak Electronics Engineering
Dr SAMARJIT SINGH Machenical Engineering
Ms Sameeksha Ahuja Computer Science and Engineering
Saumya's picture Miss Saumya Singh Civil Engineering
SAURABH's picture Mr SAURABH JHA Electrical Engineering
Savitri's picture Dr Savitri Joshi Applied Sciences
Shashwat's picture Er Shashwat Nagar Civil Engineering
SHIKHA's picture Ms SHIKHA CHOUDHARY Electronics Engineering
Dr shilpi jauhari Master of Business Administration
Ms Shipra Gautam Computer Science and Engineering
Shivangi's picture Miss Shivangi Gupta Computer Science and Engineering
shradhanand's picture Mr shradhanand Verma Electronics Engineering
Ms shweta Electrical Engineering
SUSHMA's picture Miss SUSHMA DWIVEDI Electronics Engineering
Miss tinku shukla Master of Business Administration
Tulika's picture Dr Tulika Narang Computer Science and Engineering
Upendra Kumar's picture Mr Upendra Kumar Shukla Chemical Engineering
Usha's picture Ms Usha Sharma Electronics Engineering
VIJAY's picture Dr VIJAY SINGH Chemical Engineering
VIJAY's picture Mr VIJAY MAURYA Electronics Engineering
Mr VINAY MISHRA Chemical Engineering
Dr Vineeta Singh MTech Bio Technology
VIPUL's picture Mr VIPUL PATHAK Machenical Engineering